Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spker Pro Apk v1.2.9 App Android

NOTE: On some devices, the program can not work properly due to the use of their own add-ons manufacturer. The appliion may not support some media players. It is desirable to see the free version of the appliion.

As in most appliions of this type, it is possible to select a pre-configured theme or customize everything yourself.

The list of available options:
-Predefined themes;
-Background (box).

-Spker. You can select the spker type.
-Sensitivity. Parameter determining the rction dynamics in the bursts of sound.
-Spker figuration. You can select a design.
- of spkers. You can choose one or two.
-Frequency band. You can select the frequency band in which the engine is to evaluate the level of sound.
-Vibration. Turning animations vibration spker for small sound vibrations.
-No music. The inclusion of animation work in the absence of sound output.

Sound wave
-Intensity. You can choose the radius of the animated sound wave.
-Wave. Enable or Disable.

-Caps Visualizer. You can choose either free or bound.
-Speed ​​drop-caps. Operates on a free-caps.
-Height. You can set the height of the visualizer.
-Dash style.
-Arc. Adds a small curvature of the visualizer.
-Smoothing. Enable anti-aliasing filter for smoother operation Visualizer.
-No music. The inclusion of animation work in the absence of sound output.

How to install: Home->Long Press->LiveWallpapers->ScreenSpker

Spker Pro v1.2.9Require 2.3 and Up & File Size 19mb
See more download and screen on google play
Download Spker Pro v1.2.9 APK

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