Thursday, May 19, 2016

PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator Paid v0.9.9 Apk Files

Some games that work (not all will run full speed on all devices):
Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable
Dragon Ball Z
Little Big Planet
out Leds, out Dominator
Final Fantasy : Crisis Core
Final Fantasy : Type-0
Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake
Soul Calibur
Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6
Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS
and many more...

What's New
* Paletted texturing from framebuffers, fixing many graphical issues
* Various framebuffer copies are now handled correctly
* Better savedata compatibility with the rl PSP
* Support for more cs used by "Custom BGM": , AAC
* Implemented strange blending modes in shaders
* vrot CPU instruction fixed (FF3)
* Star Ocn's stencil trickery worked around
* Corrections to module loading and memory use, fixing further games
* Buarian and Thai translations
* Many more game fixes and bug fixes

PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator v0.9.9Require 2.3 and Up & File Size 18mb
See more download and screen on google play
Download PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator v0.9.9 APK

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