Thursday, May 19, 2016

PVSTAR+ PRO v2.5.2 build 101 Android Apk

The main ftures are as follows.
- srch (YouTube, DailyMotion, Nico, Vimeo)
- Voice srch
- Srch Youtube playlists
- Srch Youtube channels
- egory Srch
- Playlist playback
- Background playback
- Rept playback
- Shuffle playback
- Mylist (up to 100)
- Wallpaper on Mylist
- Backup Mylist
- Edit title and summary
- Sleep Timer
- Popular ranking
- Music mode
- #NowPlaying, timeline playback on Twitter
- Tweet
- cache function
- Low quality mode (for slow networks)
- Automatically stop when the rphone is disconnected.
- Open in PVSTAR when you open the URL in other app.
- Import playlists from Youtube or Nico.
- Viewing related s
- Bookmark function for playlists and channels
- Widget
- Equalizer
- word suggestion
- sy operation
- System also supports Android 4/3

[Very sy operation]
- Continuous playback of music ranking. Listen to popular songs at once!
- srch by artist. Selected from the srch results, continuous playback!
- By crting a mylist, you can assemble your own favorite album! Even a wallpaper can be set!
- Play YouTube playlists directly. It's not necessary to crte a mylist!
- Playing in the background. You can listen while you work!

[Also good in these scenarios]
- Classifiion into a list of your favorite music s, rept playback.
- You can play in the background, while you are out. Enjoy using your r!
- Also convenient on your way to work or school. Play the mylist you crted the day before.
- Set the sleep timer before going to sleep.
- Continuous playback of a playlist for s of a series.
- Also useful while driving. Plse try to connect to the car audio system.

What's New
If the version is under 2.4.0, You must update the app!
You shouldn't use Task killer app, because they may stop this app forcibly.
Ver 2.5.2 (7/2) New!
- Fixed a problem that does not play for the second time.

PVSTAR+ PRO v2.5.2 build 101Require 2.2 and Up & File Size 1.5mb
See more download and screen on google play

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