Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lightning Launcher eXtreme Paid v10.5.1 Apk Android

This is the ultimate bundle, no compromise, simply the most powerful and configurable launcher for Android. Lightning is the only launcher with scripting support, allowing an incredible flexibility with the use of JavaScript.

LLX is a vitamined version of LL, with the following additions:
* Enhanced app drawer, with the ability to crte folders, hide apps, change the style in all ways, view running apps, most frequently used, recently installed, direct shortcuts to kill or uninstall apps... and more !
* Included lock screen management: select one of your Lightning desktop to be used as the lock screen.
* Support for configuring up to 100 distinct desktops, with customizable label and icon, for the purpose of managing multiple independent setups (personal, professional, for kids, etc.)
* Built-in configurable messaging notifiions (highly customizable badge for sms, missed calls, unrd gmails)
* Full scripting support, thanks to the sy to use and well known JavaScript language
* App killer available from everywhere: long tap on an icon, select kill, et voilà.
* Built-in per desktop wallpaper, available in the app drawer too.

Things to be aware of (plse rd this notice):
- With its wide set of options and switches, Lightning is the most customizable launcher, albeit perhaps not the siest to configure yet ! Agreed, as most powerful tools, Lightning has a lrning curve. But isn't that a small price to pay to get the most exciting and unique home screen ;-) By default LL will start in normal mode although an expert option found in the eral section will show even more settings. Join the community to get tips and tricks !
- Problem setting LLX the default launcher ? Plse install this free app :
- LLX is a superset of LL and fully replace it: on first use it will import all data from LL, and LL can safely be uninstalled. Avoid using both at the same time, this is confusing as apps will look exactly the same !

What's New
- Tasker integration: LLX is now an action plugin for Tasker, and LLX can now send full Tasker intents through script (samples in the LLX wiki)
- Better Zooper Widget scaling when loading templates, thanks to Lutz Linke
- Scripts can now be loaded from APKs for a much simpler use
- Miscellaneous scripting improvements
The full changelog can be found here:

Require 2.3 and Up & File Size 710kb
Download Lightning Launcher eXtreme v10.5.1 Apk

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