Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fire of Warlord: Epic Revenge [Free Upgrades] v0.5.1 Mod Android Apk

➽Unique gameplay brings you kick-ass fun you never felt before.
➽Combinations of battle formations let you enjoy the fun of thinking.
➽ Finding the balance of attack and defense is the to ld you to the grand victory
➽ Three magical races are waiting for you to join
➽ Four kinds of divine tasks are prepared to be challenged
➽ Massive battle world map will make your jaw drop.
➽ 112 specifically designed characters keep your every clash with fresh blood
➽ Adventure/Challenge Mode brings you distinctive challenges and joys
➽ Random event system explain the true mning of "sy to lrn, hard to master"

☸More splendid and mystical combats in "Fire of Warlord: Epic Revenge" are waiting for you to explore by yourself

What's New
V 0.5.1
Trial Version.
All feedback are welcome and appreciated!
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Require 2.2 and Up & File Size 33mb
Download Fire of Warlord: Epic Revenge v0.5.1 Mod APK

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