Thursday, May 19, 2016

EverythingMe Launcher v2.0.3736 Apk Paid

A launcher, or a home replacement app, can upgrade the look and functionality of your homescreen. It can also personalize the way you open apps, make calls and perform other tasks.

The Prediction Bar™
Anticipates what you’ll need throughout the day. This ar on your homescreen is dedied to delivering the apps you'll most probably use at a given time and place. For example: news apps in the morning, your calendar at work, and the train schedule on your way home.
Smart Folders™

Your apps are automatically organized in folders according to your personal interests, keeping your homescreen nt. Open football stats from the Folder or find cartoons in your Kids Folder. Your launcher's folders also contain cards, which are cln and simple bite sizes for information. Open your 'Around Me' folder and you'll find cards that present the nrest restaurants, or open the 'Wther' folder and get a fresh forecast card.
Fastest Android In-Phone Srch
The quickest, most personalised srch tool for Android. Enter one letter in your launcher's srch bar and get contacts and apps that are relevant just for you - no more app drawer swiping sprees!. Typing “M” might pull up Mom’s , or show the Messaging app first - whichever you use most.

Everyday Uses
► In the morning, your launcher will automatically show you the wther on your screen.
► In the city, get the nrest restaurants, transportation and shops in your Around Me Folder.
► In the evening, plan for dinner and a with your launcher's Recipes and folders.

The Buzz
" May Be the Smartest, Most Dynamic Android Launcher Yet". ~
"One app made me love Android and BLOWS AWAY iOS. One app." ~Robert Scoble

What's New
We are happy to introduce the new Prediction Bar. Enjoy it!

Require 4.0 and Up & File Size 15mb
Download EverythingMe Launcher v2.0.3736 APK

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