Thursday, May 19, 2016

Android Toolbox Pro Apk v1.2.2 Download Version

The ftures are listed as follows:
1. Hardware information: CPU cores, CPU type, memory info, storage info, screen resolution etc.
2. Software information:
* List user-installed and built-in apps on the phone.
* Provide details about ch app including package name, version and apk size.
* Launch and uninstall apps from within this app.
* Android OS information.
3. Network information:
* Wifi and mobile network info, including IP address, wifi speed, MAC address etc.
* Telephony info, such as SIM type, phone , network operator and IMEI.
4. Status: status info about RAM, ROM and CPU usage.
5. Battery:
* Battery type, voltage and level.
* Settings related to battery life. One-click wifi, data, bluetooth and screen settings.
6. Clner:
* Cln app cache.
* Cln call log.
* Cln srch history.
* Cln SMS/MMS.
7. Volume Control: Provide quick access to volume change under different profiles.
8. Flashlight: one-click flashlight.
Require 2.3.3 and Up & File Size 2.3mb
Android Toolbox Pro v1.2.2
GOOGLE PLAYAndroid Toolbox Pro v1.2.2 Download Link:APK

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